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"This is hands down the most delicious hummus on the market, authentic Mediterranean flavor.  I have been enjoying this product for almost 3 decades when the founder first shared with me his hummus. I have tried store brands and wasted my money as nothing came close to the whoomus brand. I am so happy that the chef has decided to share his gift with the public!"

                                      –Debbie O.–

"The hummus is fantastic! I love the bite to the spicy one!"

                                      –Adam T.–

"This really is the best hummus. If you love cilantro, you will love this!! Now, I was never a big fan of hummus, but I decided to try it and boy was I impressed! Delicious!!"

                                      –Maylinda M.–

"This hummus does not compare to anything you have ever tried. It has great flavor, is so healthy, and it feels great to support a small business. Definitely recommend giving it a try!"

                                      –Jasmin O.–

"Whoomus is delicious. The texture, consistency, and flavor are perfect. You won't find anything like this on the shelves, so grab your box of pita chips and enjoy!"

                                      –Matt C.–

"The hummus is sooo good! I tried the spicy one, and I love it! It's actually spicy, unlike other 'spicy' versions I've tried from the store."

                                      –Tracy B.–

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