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Team Spirit

Changing jobs is hard — even scary — especially if you've spent years building experience in traditional workplaces.  But moving to a startup can, in fact, be a sure-fire way to bulletproof your career and find meaningful, socially-conscious work.


At Whoomus Foods, we nurture resilience far more than our corporate cousins, because we encourage hires to learn on the fly, cultivate new skills and make bold business decisions. In other words, we encourage you to channel your inner entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re at a transformational moment in our company’s history.  We’re wildly passionate about our purpose and everything we do.

We believe in the power of community.  Our clients and partners are intrinsic to our success and the success of our brand.

We’re partnering with world-class technology companies, start-ups, consultants, and cGMP plant plant-based food research institutions  - together we can be a positive market disruptor, bringing a delicious, plant-based food that transcends cultural and geographic borders.

Looking for an opportunity to become part of a diverse team of professionals?  We invite you to start the conversation today – drop us a note at

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